City reduces street vehicle storage limit

Penalties for violating regulation include fines, possible impoundment

IAN SMAY, Evergreen news editor

The Pullman City Council reduced the number of days residents can store a vehicle on the street from seven days down to four at a meeting Tuesday.

Anyone found in violation of the code will receive a fine of $25 and impoundment if the infraction occurs before July 1, while the fine increases to $45 after July 1. The regulation will take effect June 7, according to a news release by Pullman Police Chief Gary Jenkins.

The council amended the Pullman City Code addressing street storage of various vehicles, according to the news release. Failure to move a vehicle from the same location, which includes placement anywhere on the same block, within 96 hours now constitutes a civil infraction. The code previously allowed for storage for up to 168 hours.

Reasons for the change include efforts to increase parking availability on narrow streets and increasing effectiveness of snow plows in the winter, according to the release.