Reader Reactions | Ed Board: Mike Leach failed to check his sources

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Mike David: “So Mr. Leach does not have the right to free speech?”

Rick Scott: “He can support whoever he wants. He can say whatever he wants. The 1st doesn’t absolve you, me, or anyone else from repercussions of embarrassing our employers. It means you can say what you want without being jailed by our government. Huge difference.”

Beth Hatter: “… his twitter profile specifically says “head coach at WSU.” If he wants to be private he needs to take his employer name off his profile.”

Lawrence Hatter: “Coach Leach needs to take History 105 to learn about source criticism.”

Dawn Butler: “It’s not so much what his political views are but how he’s handled things since. He is one of the faces of the University so what he says does matter in a way that’s bigger than him as an individual.”

Liv Molinari: “No one’s perfect. Why exactly are we crucifying him?”