Reader Reactions | Rally for immigrant rights in Pullman



Vivian Ellsworth, 9, stands next to her father Noel, 43, and holds a sign protesting the separation of families at the U.S.-Mexico border during a rally in Pullman on Saturday.

Ras Tanvir: “Legal does not mean moral. Slavery was legal, internment was legal and segregation was legal. The thing about legality is that laws can be changed.”

Liz Marston: “Seeking asylum isn’t illegal. You can’t apply for asylum until you arrive. The majority of the immigrants being separated from their families are following the law.”

Alfred Hanson: “I’m Hispanic and I’m against wide open borders for anyone to waltz over with no repercussions. Is this Uncle Tom privilege?”

Jacob Hogg: “Hey haters, we raised enough money to reunite one family today. What did y’all do?”

Rick Douglas Flores: “It’s an atrocity that families are ripped apart. Many of these families are fleeing some of the harshest and most dangerous conditions in the world.”