Letter to the editor: column on Iran misinformed and misguided

Letter to the editor


The Summer Evergreen recently published a column titled “Once a liar, always a liar: Iran can’t be trusted.” It contains instances of incorrect information, contradictions and inconsistent reasoning that call into question the credibility of the columnist to the point of making the column a sentimental note rather than an informative piece.

The column is ignorant of real-life facts. We would like to draw the columnist’s attention to the unfortunate fact that, even though lies in a social context are unethical, in politics they are commonplace tactics. The column mentions Iranians cannot be trusted due to their government’s lies. The columnist may want to review the recent history of so-called “tactics,” including the U.S.’s claim that Iraq (not Iran) had weapons of mass destruction. Even with such a history, nobody could justifiably say “Americans can’t be trusted.”

The column is a masterpiece of contradictions. The columnist mentions that imposing more sanctions “only causes the Iranians to leave the (negotiations) table,” which is immediately contradicted by “should negotiations fail, it’s time to come down hard with incredible sanctions.” In addition to the sudden change of gears, the columnist seems to remain uninformed about the impacts of the sanctions, e.g., embargoes on medical supplies, on the lives of normal Iranian citizens.

The column contains false information. The columnist mistakenly calls Iran the “Arab Republic.” With an estimated two-percent Arab population, Iran certainly cannot be called an Arab republic.

It is sad to see that blind propaganda against Iran has found its way into the Evergreen.

Pullman/Moscow residents Armen Abnousi, Tayebeh Soltani, Farid Sotoudeh, Dina Radjabalipour, Amir and Reyhaneh Golmohammadi; Shoresh Shafei; and others.