Reader Reactions | Lisa Brown removes WSU logo from campaign ads



Lisa Brown was contacted by WSU for her use of the school’s logo without permission.

Clara Oliver: “But it’s OK for Leach to say the stuff he says. Interesting.”

Noreen Ryan: “Clearly some people don’t understand branding, trademarks and copyrights. You can’t use the logo without permission.”

Daniel Stuart Hoffman: “The university should enforce that consistently.”

Beth Blanks Hindman: “Yup. Can’t have it appear that WSU is taking sides, or is endorsing her candidacy. She certainly can talk about her work as chancellor of WSU-Spokane, though.”

Stephen Mutch: “Companies pay big money for the use of WSU branding. And political campaigns aren’t exempt from needing to have that permission. And that was the purpose for my inquiry. Not employees or former employees making person political statements. She was already asked to refrain from using logos, but proceeded to anyways.”