Student Rec Center provides a break from stress

Facility offers opportunity to stay fit, release from daily pressures, demands of college

SAAD NABIL ALI, Evergreen columnist

College demands levels of performance from students that contribute to feelings commonly equated with collectivism. When your work is evaluated based on criteria developed for where you should be rather than effort, you’ll inevitably wind up feeling inadequate at times.

As a political science pre-law major, I know this feeling all too well when trying to aspire for greatness is belied by the struggle to adjust to my professors’ expectations for the entire class.

The philosophy of a facility like the Student Recreation Center inherently individualizes progressive success to help combat the void students encounter.

Completed in 2000, the SRC’s goal has been to foster recreational needs and a healthy alternative to alleviating some of the stressors of higher education.

The SRC bears a multitude of diverse and dynamic classes ranging from aerobics and conditioning, indoor cycling, mind/body, martial arts and dance. With something for everyone, students are exposed to a challenging and fun experience while embarking on a journey to self-improvement and cohesive lifestyle changes.

“[The SRC] provides a lot of different opportunities for students whether that be social or otherwise” said UREC Director of Facilities Jeff Elbracht.

In cultivating an exceptional standard in health and performance, the SRC allots an extensive selection of certified personal trainers to help evaluate, monitor and tackle all of your fitness related goals. Students looking to set principled goals and tailored regimens with the help of a professional have the opportunity to do so.

“Customer service is always one of the biggest aspects here because we’re here to help you guys,” said Carson Corbaley, an SRC staff member and frequent visitor.

If students enjoy operating on their own schedule they can also always take advantage of the weight room facilities. With its uniquely crafted layout, the weight room features an extensive selection of machine and free weight areas in addition to designated cardio stations to encompass a holistic gym that sets it apart from all others. Students at this time may rent out various pieces of equipment with their Cougar Card like weight belts, straps, boxing gloves and wraps, bands, locks and much more to assist in or complement their training.

In utilizing other student interests, the SRC also provides four indoor regulation basketball courts that can be configured for multi-purpose activities. In addition, the facility features multiple racquetball courts, and indoor soccer arena and versatile rock wall.

For students that love indulging or taking advantage of the sun, the SRC furnishes an indoor pool, a separate lap pool, hot tub and outdoor amenities such as three outdoor basketball courts and four sand volleyball courts.

Its inclusionary and nonjudgmental environment has also bred an explosion in student employment across all majors. These passionate students dedicate their time and effort to imparting wisdom as well as proper maintained equipment for student accommodation.

“We employ over 300 students a year,” Elbracht said.

With its phenomenal reviews and remarkable proximity to the WSU campus, the SRC speaks for itself. As part of your student fees for attending this university, students become a member of an oriented community that fosters individuality while maintaining a collective Cougar spirit.