Letter to the editor: The term “church” is not all-encompassing


Thank you for publishing Evan Pretzer’s column on proposed legislation in South Carolina in his piece “Separation of education.”

While I agree over throwing one ruler of education for another is not a viable solution, I strongly disagree with your continued use of “church” as an all-encompassing noun. 

When doctrines take over and people fail to live out God’s love story (which you aptly pointed out “loving your neighbor as yourself”), we inevitably cease to be the hands and feet for which we are called.

But, people do exist that attend churches and call themselves followers of Christ that are living proof of a loving God.

Furthermore, we are asked to bring the alien, the orphan, and the widow (in other words, those being oppressed) to the center of our community to take care of them.

And yes, a change in culture must ensue to create equity in accessing, navigating, and ultimately utilizing knowledge.

Christopher Gambino, Ph.D. candidate

Washington State University