Bikes have a successful summer

Program to surpass previous system’s yearly ridership



Coug Bikes replaced the Green Bike share program this June. The bikes are lighter and GPS enabled.

ANGELICA RELENTE, Evergreen reporter

The recently instated Coug Bike program has had a successful summer after its launch in June.

“We’ve actually seen some pretty explosive growth since students came to campus,” Donald Schmit, UREC coordinator of the Outdoor Recreation Rental Shop and Coug Bikes, said. “We’ve been averaging close to about 2,000 rides per week.”

The bikes have accumulated around 4,700 rides between June 1 and Aug. 10, Schmit said.

The bike share program offers students and residents a new way to commute around campus and Pullman.

The Evergreen reported back in May that bike racks are located in 11 different locations around campus, including high traffic areas like the CUB and the Chinook.

Green Bike, WSU’s previous bike sharing program, had a little over 20,000 rides per year, Schmit said. If the amount of ridership for Coug Bikes was kept, they expect to surpass the yearly amount of ridership for Green Bike, he said.

One of the things students will notice is the lightweight feel of the bike, Schmit said. Coug Bikes are accessible and can be found easily around campus.

“You can hop out of class, look on your phone and see where the closest bike is to you,” he said.

The bikes are GPS enabled, which allows students to report issues that may arise, such as a flat tire, Schmit said.

One of the biggest issues with the bikes, he said, is that students do not return them to the station. One of the major hotspots for unreturned bikes is at Main Street and Stadium Way.

“They get charged a $5 fee if they don’t return it,” he said.