Bollywood Film Festival starts this month

Event will feature movies from Indian film industry throughout September

CHERYL AARNIO, Evergreen reporter

Students and members of the community from all backgrounds can see a different Bollywood movie at the Kenworthy Performing Arts Centre in Moscow each Tuesday in September.

The event, called Bollywood on the Palouse, occurred for the first time in 2016 and this year will be its second run. Karan Raval, vice president of the WSU Indian Students Association (ISA), said the event was successful the first time so they are putting on another to share Indian culture with the community.

“Movies are the best medium for showcasing [the Indian culture],” Raval said.

On opening night, there will be a reception at 6:30 p.m. with welcome speeches and food, followed by the movie at 7 p.m. The program is put on by the University of Idaho Film and Television Studies Program, the WSU Asia Program, the WSU ISA and the WSU Honors College.

“The motto for our student association is to showcase our culture and our diversity,” Raval said.

For ISA, this event is only the first of many they are collaborating on this year with more events to follow, he said.

“To us, this is a means of outreaching to people for our other events and for our future events,” Raval said.

He also said the organizers are hoping for people of any ethnicity to come.

“There’s very little knowledge about India, especially here on the Palouse,” he said.