Reader Reactions | Health care is not a universal right

Readers react to an opinion column arguing that health care is not a basic human right and that people aren’t entitled to a doctor’s labor.

Jeffrey D. David: “It’s not about forcing individual doctors to labor against their will or for free. Health care as a universal human right is about society as a whole, something we forget we belong to no matter how individualistic we think we are … If you were behind the veil, even if not out of compassion, you would reasonably choose this basic human right for yourself. Your argument is where the compensation for the doctor’s labor comes from, not them actually practicing their profession.”

Jones Wazzu Jones: “Queue the triggered folks.”

Anna Christie: “I can’t believe this was published — no one has ever asked doctors to work for free. The whole premise of this article is ridiculous. Stop publishing troll articles [Daily Evergreen], you’re better than that.”

Marsha Dunstan: “Well, does the same reasoning apply to the right to a free, appropriate public education?”