Conical Collaborations supports students

Two music professors seek to inspire students with classical music, raise scholarships for incoming students



Martin King, clinical assistant professor of horn and music education, discusses the importance of the Sept. 14 Music Department fundraising event Tuesday in Kimbrough Hall.

MARY GINTHER, Evergreen reporter

The WSU music department will be holding a concert called “Conical Collaborations” on Sept. 14 in Bryan Hall to raise money for the School of Music scholarship fund.

The concert is a reoccurring event the department hosts as part of its Faculty Artist Series to feature the collaborative stylings of faculty members and students.

Martin King, clinical assistant professor of horn and music education, will be performing on a horn and Chris Dickey, clinical assistant professor of music, tuba, euphonium and film music, will performing on a tuba.

They have worked toward creating a program that is engaging and fun for students who attend the concert, King said.

They want students to be inspired and to collaborate with each other on harder abstract pieces of music rather than the more popular music played by many students in collaborative settings.

“So much music out there is written for so many people,” King said. “We want students to be able to collaborate together and perform together.”

The main reason for this concert is to raise money for the scholarship program so that more students have the opportunity to come to WSU and study their passion. Scholarships go to both new and returning students.

“This isn’t just an event that supports our people,” Dickey said.

At this event, there will also be a student testimonial given about how the scholarship has benefited that individual.

The program will include classical music from the Romantic era, a 1940s piece and additional melodic music.

King and Dickey want to highlight that both the tuba and horn have the same power, but each instrument sounds different. The professors have chosen music that will best highlight the intricacy, similarities and differences between both instruments in this showcase.

“We are going to have some pretty cool music played by instruments you don’t hear every day,” Dickey said.

Conical Collaborations will take place 8-10 p.m. Friday in Bryan Hall. Tickets are $10 for general admission, $5 for senior citizens and free for students with a WSU ID.