Moscow local featured in Vogue UK

Business owner started by selling her now-famous tie-dyed fashion pieces at Grateful Dead concerts



Arlene Falcon, owner of Tie Dye Everything in Moscow, expresses excitement over the popularity of her creations.

ZACH GOFF , Evergreen reporter

A Moscow business owner received major attention after her clothing designs were featured in the September 2018 British Vogue.

Arlene Falcon, owner of the local business “Tie Dye Everything,” said the recent fame brought in several celebrity supporters, all vying for a pair of her tie-dyed jean overalls. Some of them included Lorde, supermodel Karlie Kloss and Justin Bieber. Only Bieber and Kloss received a pair.

Falcon said she never expected to get into Vogue, but the organization saw the clothes on her website. Vogue then approached her about putting a pair of her overalls into the September issue.

“I was blown away when I got the email about getting into Vogue,” Falcon said. “This certainly wasn’t a goal but it’s very exciting. I underplay how special it really is, but it really is exciting.”

As a self-proclaimed fan, Falcon’s avid inspiration for her colorful pieces mainly came from the Grateful Dead. Falcon even started her current business by selling homemade tie-dyed T-shirts at one of their concerts with her husband at the time, Mark Chese, she said.

Since that concert Falcon has traveled the country, keeping the same excitement for the bright colors of tie-dye that defined the culture of Grateful Dead fans, she said.

Her current shop doubles as her production area. Rainbow tie-dyed shirts, dresses, ties and of course overalls, cover the entire store roof to floor. The store tie-dyes and alters custom items if you bring it in, Falcon said.

“We have a very small space and we use it very efficiently,” Falcon said.

Falcon said she is sometimes overwhelmed by the new attention her clothes have gotten.

Falcon lived as a single mother of twins for a short time. She then found her now ex-husband Mark Chese, who helped kick-start their business, and the two had three more children, she said. After traveling the country for several years, Falcon found her way to Moscow in 1999 and has now set roots into the community.

On top of owning her business, Falcon said she currently assists in the Moscow Hemp Fest and the Moscow Renaissance Fair.

“I’ve been here for 20 years and I’ve been dyeing for 30,” Falcon said. “We’re going strong. I can go anywhere with it.”

Falcon said she’s excited for the future and seeing what comes next after Vogue.