Stripping away the stereotypes

MICHELLE CHAN | Evergreen columnist

Male or female, most people appreciate and enjoy sexual attractiveness. We all enjoy the scenery. Let’s get over it.

Women, while once discrete about their wandering eyes, now feel less inhibited in displaying their lustful side by seeking out racy entertainment.

The popularity of movies chock-full of man candy demonstrates the desire for female-friendly entertainment. For example, the film “Magic Mike” grossed more than $100 million, according to the Internet Movie Database.

Additionally, show productions meant for the woman’s gaze such as male strip groups like Chippendales are becoming highly popular, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. 

Often, the rise of female-oriented media is often lauded as a step forward in female sexual liberation and expression. Yet, many members of some feminist groups admonish men who consume similar media.  

Women, of all individuals, should understand the double standard.

After a long history of oppression, women are forgetting they are in no place to impose sanctions on what the other gender chooses to do.

When Iceland, the proclaimed leader in feminism, banned strip clubs, people praised the decision, citing it as a win for women over the patriarchy, according to the Guardian.

Feminists saw the decision as a means of freedom from the leer of the sexist male, and many say this decision marked the end of exploitation and sexual objectification.

Closer to home, women express their displeasure in male consumption of adult entertainment.

Nearly 60 percent of women thought men watch too much porn, according to a survey by Cosmopolitan magazine, a popular publication geared toward women’s interests.

Some feminists claim the privilege to erotic entertainment by citing their human nature and sexual needs. However, they lash out when it comes to their male counterparts engaging in similar activities.

In the pursuit for equality, some misguided women turn the tables and reverse the standard.

By advertising a counterproductive ideology, one that grants women privilege over men, these individuals propagate a new breed of sexism: misandry.

Such sexism increases the gap between the genders and generates a sense of resentment toward feminism.

Erotic entertainment appeals to human sexuality and can provide an outlet of for expression. As members of a single species, neither gender should be condemned for appreciating the form of the body.

Provided the performers engage in the activity of their own will, neither men nor women should be shamed for stealing a glance.

After all, it’s only human nature.

– Michelle Chan is a sophomore animal science major from Phoenix, Ariz. She can be contacted at 335-2290 or by The opinions expressed in this column are not necessarily those of the staff of The Daily Evergreen or those of Student Publications.