Indigenous Peoples’ Day, bus changes announced

Celebration will be in October, routes to be altered for efficiency



Councilmember Brandon Chapman, left, discusses the benefits of changing Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples’ Day on Tuesday at the City Council meeting.

KLYLE MOEN, Evergreen reporter

Pullman City Council met to introduce a date for Indigenous Peoples’ Day and to discuss changes to bus routes on Tuesday.

Councilmember Brandon Chapman brought up the idea of Pullman having an Indigenous Peoples’ Day at the previous city council meeting. Chapman said he and some of his indigenous friends drafted the resolution to make Indigenous Peoples’ Day happen in Pullman.

“I think this is really exciting, I think it’s a celebration, I think it’s a recognition and I really hope that this is a catalyst,” Chapman said.

Chapman hopes this not only recognizes the history of indigenous people but also the people who are currently making contributions to the Pullman community.

He said he hopes this helps people want to know more about indigenous culture.

The council voted to make Indigenous Peoples’ Day the second Monday in October in the city of Pullman.

The council also discussed proposed changes to bus routes and passed resolutions to improve the issue of routes taking longer than transportation officials originally expected. The route changes will be effective Thursday, Oct. 4.

Brad Rader, Pullman Transit operations supervisor, said they had to go through a year-long process to redesign the system to try to get the new changes approved by the city council.

The original plan was well thought-out, well-planned and well-tested, but still failed, Rader said.

The proposal to change the Blue Route will move the Terre View and Research Park stops to another route, Rader said. This adjustment will solve the Blue Route issues, but it will also solve issues with other routes, he said.

The Silver Route will also receive a minor change in which the loop around Walmart will be removed and the route will be kept on Bishop Boulevard. Those who take the routes either have to walk up the hill to catch the Loop Route or they can walk down the hill and get back on the Silver Route, Rader said.

He said there will also be other minor changes to help ease some issues with other routes.