Yung Pinch, fruit snack addict, will perform

Rapper brings surfer vibes from California to Palouse;

MARY GINTHER, Evergreen columnist

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The WSU Student Entertainment Board is bringing the beach to Pullman with a live performance from California rapper Yung Pinch.

Yung Pinch is originally from Huntington Beach, California, and his music reflects the ste­reotypical surfer vibe that comes from living near the sand and ocean in the Golden State.

Blake Sandoval, or Yung Pinch, originally got his rap name in high school from his stoner friends because he would always pinch a blunt since his hands were so small, according to an article from kulturehub. com.

The rapper had a talent for playing the drums when he was younger and this led to his eventual introduction into music, according to the article. Yung Pinch began his career by releasing his freestyle songs on SoundCloud. His music features elements of hip hop, R&B and trap alongside his West Coast vibe.

Yung Pinch rose to fame in 2016 after the release of his mixtape “714Ever,” which high­lights his beach boy lifestyle. One of his most popular songs is “When I Was Yung,” which is about his childhood experiences with girls.

He has also collaborated with notable artists such as G-Eazy, Blackbear and Dillon Francis. Additionally, he went on tour with Post Malone, which helped spread his reputation even more, according to SEB’s web­page.

Yung Pinch’s social media accounts show him chilling on the beach or eating Fruit Roll- Ups. Is there a cryptic message behind his heavy consump­tion of these artificially sweet snacks? Could it be an internet trend or is it a secret inside joke he has with his fans? Who knows.

Yung Pinch’s rise to fame is mostly due to his loyal fan base. The love from his fans, who he calls beach boys and girls, can be seen in the constant retweets of “Have You Seen Him,” his national tour and the almost 150,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Yung Pinch will be perform­ing 7 p.m. Thursday in the CUB Senior Ballroom, so if you see Fruit Roll-Up wrappers scat­tered throughout campus, you’ll know why.