Letter to the editor: A misrepresented Dance-A-Thon

Letter to the editor


On March 1 at 11:59 p.m., students from across campus held each other in a large circle screaming their lungs out to “Don’t Stop Believin’.” A minute later they collapsed down, and it might’ve been dramatic, but what else are you supposed to do after dancing for 12 hours?

More than 200 dancers committed to raising funds for the women and children of Pullman Regional Hospital. Although numbers dwindled by hour 12, it was a testament to the 50 dancers that were still there standing up for women and children.

It was fun, and it was tiring, but the efforts were all worth the thousands of dollars we raised for the Pullman Regional Hospital, which continues to fight breast cancer and care for the families of Pullman. That’s why we danced. 

So imagine my shock when I picked up The Daily Evergreen Monday. The article, “Students dance for the hospital,” was inaccurate and misrepresentative. Perhaps this stems from the fact that not a single member of the organizing committee was interviewed for this article. 

Although Rueben Mayes approached us a year ago with the idea of a Dance-A-Thon, the event was completely led by students.

We planned the event from scratch with 10 committee members and five months. The committee did everything from getting prizes, food, and money donated, to planning out the entire day of entertainment. And although the committee was mainly comprised of ASWSU representatives, it was a joint effort with other student organizations such as the Student Entertainment Board, KZUU, and the Panhellenic Council. 

I’d also like to point out that more than 75 percent of the dancers were Greek. As someone who is non-Greek, I too am tired of The Daily Evergreen continuously misrepresenting the Greek community and overlooking its accomplishments.

The Daily Evergreen is supposed to be the voice of the students, so when will they start recognizing the amazing efforts of all students? 

-LaKecia Farmer, co-chair of the WSU Dance-A-Thon