High school principal on special assignment

No misconduct said to be involved; will be a one-year change

CODY SCHOELER, Evergreen reporter

Bob Maxwell, Pullman Public School District superintendent, announced in an email on Oct. 15 that Erik Heinz, Pullman High School principal, would be placed on special assignment.

Shannon Focht, Pullman School District communications coordinator, said there was no misconduct involved in the decision.

According to the email, Heinz will work in the district transportation department and will assist with a variety of different projects in the district office.

“This was just a way for us to best utilize people’s skills where they’re needed,” Focht said.

PHS Assistant Principal Juston Pollestad will serve as interim principal, and elementary school teacher Debbie Crabtree will serve as interim assistant principal.

“This is a one-year situation,” Focht said. “It’s just an interim position. In spring we will further evaluate and open any positions if needed.”

Pollestad has administrative experience as well as knowledge of PHS, while Crabtree holds an administrative credential and has served as acting principal in the elementary schools when needed, according to the email.

This is not the first time someone has been put on special assignment, Focht said, and there are several teachers on special assignment right now.

Focht did not specify if a principal has been placed on special assignment before, but the school district has used interim principals in the past.

“Interim is something we’ve done before,” Focht said. “We have another principal that’s in interim this year as well.”

Focht said she is unsure of the future plans for Heinz.

All personnel changes will take place Monday, according to the email.