Letter to the editor: Say yes to tobacco free

Letter to the editor

After reading the article “Tobacc-no,” I applaud the ASWSU Senate for its efforts toward designating WSU Pullman as a tobacco-free campus.

This is the exact type of advocacy that the student government was created for. The Vancouver and Spokane campuses of Washington State University already have this policy in place.

As a former student at our Pullman campus, I remember occasions of walking uphill to campus behind a smoker. This is not a desirable way to walk to class, to say the least.

We all know the impact of smoking or secondhand smoke. With the investment our students are putting into their education, they deserve to obtain that degree in a tobacco-free environment.

Assuming this referendum appears on the ballot, I urge all students to support it on March 11 and 12.

Jake Bredstrand, past ASWSU president