Letter to the editor: Gaining attention for all the wrong reasons

Letter to the editor


First, let me thank you for putting a crossword in almost every issue this semester. That being said, it is the only reason I pick up the paper in the morning – aside from the police blotter, of course. 

Sarcasm aside, the lack of any actual news is a huge disappointment. At present, the world waits on the edge of its seat to see how Russia moves forward in Ukraine, global authorities are searching for a commercial jet that vanished, and Venezuelan students are leading a protest against the government that has resulted in multiple deaths of college students.

However, The Daily Evergreen reporters have found importance in issues such as anal sex and bondage.

These pieces of hard-hitting journalism haven’t gone unnoticed by the general population and were in fact cited by Stephen Colbert in his satirical news show this week.

Is this the kind of attention we want Washington State University to receive?

Although The Daily Evergreen isn’t responsible for the topics its journalists write about, the editor has the authority and responsibility to promote and choose to publish journalism that accurately reflects the interests and views of the student body.

In the future, please consider publishing actual news instead of the articles that get us noticed for all the wrong reasons.

Megan Cihak

Sophomore animal science major