Jamison takes decisive lead in county auditor race

Republican expected to win after receiving about 64 percent as of Tuesday night’s vote

CHERYL AARNIO, Evergreen reporter

Republican Sandy Jamison is expected to win the election for Whitman County auditor after initial tabulations Tuesday night showed her leading at 63.6 percent, while Democratic challenger Eric Fejeran trailed behind at 36.4 percent.

Jamison said the first thing she will do in office is individually bring in each department head and staff member to discuss ideas for improving the auditor’s office.

She said she is looking forward to working with everyone in the auditor’s office and the elected officials in the courthouse so she can make a smooth transition into her position.

“The goal [is] to make the auditor’s office run more smoothly than it is now,” Jamison said.

She said she hopes to change its public image for the better.

Jamison said she will identify the skills and strengths her staff has and how their skills can best be utilized to make the auditor’s office more efficient.

“We are there to serve, and I’m ready for the challenge, and I’m excited to put some new plans in motion,” Jamison said.

She said plans to monitor the election process and look at the budget so the auditor’s office can decide how best to use its money, she said.

Jamison said she felt optimistic about her lead Tuesday evening.

“I’m feeling excited,” she said. “I’ll take this lead and run with it.”

The next tabulation will occur at 5:00 p.m. Wednesday.

Fejeran said after the probable election loss, he is not planning on running again.

“I’m going to be continuing serving the community in whatever way I see fit,” Fejeran said.

He said he will be president of United Way of Pullman, a nonprofit organization, next year. He also said he plans to help out the candidates who are running for election in the Whitman County Democrats next year.