Letter to the Editor: Responding to The Daily Evergreen’s photo

Letter to the editor


My name is Hayley Brown, and I am the current president of Alpha Gamma Delta here at Washington State University. I am writing on behalf of the women in my chapter but more importantly as a disappointed member of this Greek community.

The recent article that was published featured a picture of my chapter participating in a dry homecoming event, which in no way aligns with the contents of Monday’s piece, “Response mixed to WSU’s new alcohol rule.”

The article examined a new policy regarding alcohol on campus, which primarily concerned fraternity men, not sorority women. Due to the fact that our letters were visible in the photograph, it inevitably misrepresents the women in our chapter.

We as a Greek community are committed to improvement and would appreciate a better representation of that in future articles published by The Daily Evergreen.

I do not expect for you to take the picture down from your website since it is already published and distributed around the campus.

However, in the future I ask that your organization respects our chapters as well as uses photographs that are relevant to the story that was written.

Thank you for your time and understanding on this matter.

Hayley Brown

Alpha Gamma Delta president