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WSU Performing Arts welcomes the Nebraska Theatre Caravan, The Fantasticks – Book and Lyrics by Tom Jones and Music by Harvey Schmidt, at Jones Theatre in Pullman, Saturday Jan. 25. The Nebraska Theatre Caravan is now in its 35th season and is the nation’s largest community theatre.

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The steampunk-inspired adaptation of this classical musical incorporates elements of fantasy, science fiction and horror brought by costume designer Georgiann Regan.

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Dan Chevalier, a native of Omaha, Nebraska, applies makeup backstage in preparation of the upcoming show, The Fantasticks.

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Dan Chevalier, fully transformed into character as “the mute,” browses a wardrobe for last minute costume details.

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Peter O’Neal playing El Gallo, finishes last minute touches to his costume backstage before The Fantasticks performance Saturday night.

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Eric Bricking, road manager of the Nebraska Theatre Caravan, applies makeup backstage to complete his character as Henry.

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Peter O’Neal  as Matt finishes the catchy and memorable song, “Try to Remember,” during the first act of the performance.

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Jennifer Tritz as Luisa and Peter O’Neal as Matt sing “Try to Remember” in the opening act of The Fantasticks Saturday at Jones Theatre.

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Peter O’Neal , Jon McDonald and Andrew Tebo perform “It Depends on What You Pay” during the first act the musical.

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Alejandro Gutierrez as Mortimer takes the stage during the first act of the performance. Mortimer is Henry’s sidekick who is dressed as an American Indian.

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The steampunk inspired “dragon” enters the scene during “The Abduction Ballet” performed by The Company towards the end of the first act.

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Peter O’Neal as Matt defeats the “dragon” and ends the feud during the moonlit abduction scenario. 

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Peter O’Neal , Jennifer Tritz, Andrew Tebo and Jon McDonald end the first act with the song “Happy Ending.”

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Henry and Mortimer take the stage after Hucklebee and Bellomy perform “Plant a Radish.”  

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The dramatic and darky underscored “Round and Round” was performed by El Gallo, Luisa, and The Company. This scene encompassed the steampunk genre in such a way that steam power was widely used.

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The cast takes the stage during the final scene of The Fantasticks performance.

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The cast of the Nebraska Theatre Caravan pose for a group photo at the end of the performance Saturday night at Jones Theatre.

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Members of the cast and production crew take down part of the scenery construction after the performance.

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Enormous pieces of the set are rolled away by the production crew as the Nebraska Theatre Caravan packs up after the show.

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All equipment and pieces from the set were transported by the freight elevator in Jones Theatre.

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Speakers are rolled off the stage during the final stages of take-down.

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Herman Montero, Technical/Lighting Director, examines the lighting setup after the show.

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