Letter to the editor: You will be missed

Letter to the editor


On Wednesday we learned of the death of Scott Stratton. 

I was privileged to have taken his History 110 class last semester, and I was taking History 111 with him this spring semester of 2014.

The snow has fallen down on Pullman again, but this time it seems colder somehow.

With the death of Stratton, the snow’s beauty seems withheld and aloof. There is no comfort in the slow, drifting dots of white that fall from that sky.

These soft, white powder tears fall about me as I walk from class to class, and I find myself comforted only in the knowledge that the elements are in mourning with the friends, family and students of this man we knew as Professor Scott Stratton.

He now has been released to a warm and beautiful country. It is a land of forever sunshine where trees are always green and brightly colored flowers bloom and fill the air with sweet smells.

For the family, the staff, and the students left behind in the winter of our sorrow, we say farewell to one of WSU’s greatest. Rest in peace, Professor, you will be missed.

Johnathan Schuh

History major