Letter to the editor: PETA’s true agenda

Letter to the editor


Thank you for your column yesterday, “Pet-killing hypocrites,” regarding PETA’s skewed and sick attempts to be a friend to all animals. I wish you had more space to elaborate further on what a lie PETA is.

PETA has long hidden their true agenda and picks their battles poorly. They are just a storefront for supposed animal rights advocates who wouldn’t know what the real agenda of PETA was if it hit them in the face.  

If anyone wants to support pets and animals, do so in your own back yard and do not donate to a multi-million dollar, misleading cause such as PETA and their so-called “shelters”.

Research your local shelters and foster families. Donations of food, blankets, bowls, as well as cash, are always welcome on the slim budgets that the real animal advocates have to work with locally.

Before getting a pet, make sure that you can spend the time with it, train it, and have the funds to spay or neuter and vaccinate. That is what makes a great pet-people partnership.

Ignore PETA and their egotistical leadership – they are, and have been, a joke for decades.

-Christina K. Nowak

Program Assistant, University Communications/Publishing