City Council to reform parking restrictions

New 2-hour stall times could help patrons park in designated spots



Public Works Director Kevin Gardes, left, and Pullman City Councilmember Brandon Chapman discuss parking laws on Tuesday night at Pullman City Hall.

NAJMA SHECK, Evergreen reporter

Councilmembers discussed parking issues on Spring Street during the City Council meeting Tuesday night.

Resolution No. 121-80 is intends to establish parking restrictions for municipally-owned parking lots.

The Spring Street public-parking lot is typically full by 9 a.m. and stays full throughout the day, according to a document from Public Works Director Kevin Gardes. Based on an observation from Aug. to Sept. last year, patrons of the 12-hour stall are primarily used by WSU student or staff.

Twelve-hour stalls were initially intended for patrons and staff of downtown businesses, according to the document. WSU students and staff impacted patrons in downtown by making the lots unavailable to use during work days.

The proposal suggests switching the 12-hour parking stalls on Spring Street and turn a majority of the stalls to two-hour parking stalls. If patrons in downtown businesses need access to longer times, 12-hour stalls are still available on this lot, but are limited.

“I hereby repeal and replace established parking limits by updating the resolution with this motion,” City Attorney Laura McAloon said.

The council unanimously voted for this motion and adopted the plan.