Letter to the editor: Throw the Cougs a bone

Letter to the editor


Regarding the WSU’s men’s basketball game against Cal Wednesday evening, it was an embarrassment to see so few students in attendance.

WSU’s Cougars nearly knocked off the Cal Bears. For those who missed the game, it went in to overtime, and WSU lost.

The student section was almost empty while KZUU provided nominal support, but the general student population was almost non-existent.

Head Coach Ken Bone’s team might have pulled off a win had there been the much needed crowd support.

During the win against the Huskies the week before, DaVonte Lacy was quoted as saying:  “(The crowd) treated us so well last time. … the noise level, it really affected Washington. I truly believe that they had a major factor in us winning that game. It really helps when they come out and support us like that…”
Where was that support in the Cal game? Has Cougar Pride gone south?

Bob Peavy

Cougar athletic fan, former WSU employee