Fighting for Frankie

Emma and Jonathon Scott lie awake at night worrying about paying for a genetic test to determine the cause of developmental problems for their 19-month-old son.

His name is Frankie.

Frankie Scott has an unknown medical condition. In partnership with Cable 8 Productions’ Cougar Vision Outreach program and Boost Collaborative, the ultimate goal is to raise more than $5,000 for Frankie’s parents to pay toward a genetic test that could determine a diagnosis for abnormal development patterns the toddler expresses.

The financial support rallied through the events put on by Cable 8 and the support from so many corners makes Frankie’s parents feel a little more at ease, Emma said.

“Frankie’s parents have hundreds of thousands of medical costs, so if we can alleviate some of that and take some of the load off of them, then that’s just what we’re here to do,” said Herman Meier, Cable 8 president and general manager.

This is Cable 8 Productions’ fifth year assisting a child from the Pullman community through the Cougar Vision Outreach program. Cable 8 held its first fundraising event selling hot dogs at Dissmore’s IGA grocery store in Pullman on Feb.1, when they raised $1,000. Meier said he believes this exemplifies how much people really care about lending Frankie a helping hand.

“As we saw through doing our hotdog event, Pullman has a great capacity for coming together and supporting each other when people are in need,” Meier said.

On Wednesday, Cable 8 hosted its second fundraiser event in the CUB. Musicians entertained while students purchased raffle tickets for various prizes. 

Denise Gibbs, Cable 8 vice president of public relations and alumni affairs, accredits Boost Collaborative for choosing Frankie

Boost Collaborative, formally known as Early Learning Services, is a nonprofit organization based in Pullman that aids families with providing the necessary treatment for their disabled children.

“We are hoping to help Frankie get the testing that he needs with the funds that we raise,” Gibbs said.

Emma and Jonathon said they appreciate the large amount of public support in bringing awareness to their son.

“Boost has been the most amazing group of people,” Emma said.

Boost Collaborative has been more than just an informational guide in deciding what steps to take. Emma said those who work with Boost have turned into friends. 

“Without them I think we would have been really lost,” she said.

Emma said she was grateful for the opportunity to test her son and learn the nature of his condition.

“Doctors are even hesitant to recommend that genetic testing be done because they know that most people can’t really afford it, so we are very lucky,” Emma said.

Frankie’s father Jonathon said he wants only the best for his son. He would like Frankie to live the most normal life he can.

“He’s a pretty happy kid,” Jonathon said.

Cable 8 will host its third and final fundraiser event on March 8 in the form of a three-on-three basketball tournament. Anyone interested in donating to Frankie’s treatment can email [email protected]