Represent the 12th Man

Blue, green and silver football jerseys have taken over the nation, especially in the Seattle area. No surprise, considering the Seahawks are battling the Broncos at the Super Bowl this weekend.

Whether you’re going to the game, watching it on TV, or listening to it on the radio, there’s no excuse for not gearing up in Seahawks spirit.

The traditional football jersey is always an option that comes in a variety of styles and sizes for anyone from dads to dogs. Football jerseys such as these make up the bulk of most football fans’ spirit wardrobe. They show off support for a team and also look like the real jerseys the team players wear.

Football jerseys also have numerous players’ names and numbers on the backs for everyone’s favorite player. Adding football pads and a helmet isn’t necessary, but recommended for the hardcore fans.

Apart from the jerseys, there are plenty of Seahawks themed T-shirts and pants that show off the team’s logo to get in the spirit. These can be found in just about any clothing store and are also in numerous styles, including pink for girls and onesies for babies.

There is also pet-sized Seahawks gear, although people should make sure their pets are willing before stuffing them into a Russell Wilson ensemble. Some dogs decide it would be better to eat the jersey than wear it, so you might try wrapping a Seahawks-colored bandana around a pet’s neck. They’re less likely to eat it, but they’ll still be sporting Seahawks blue.

To add a little flare to your outfit for less cash, show support by accessorizing. Deck out in blues and greens by wearing necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and other jewelry. Or wear hats and headbands for a simple yet stylish way to sport Seahawks pride.

Wear necklaces that go beyond around the neck like the round Mardi Gras beads. Loop them around your wrist or ankle. Clip them into your hair or just wrap them around your head like a crown. Layer up as much as you can.

The fun is in finding ways to incorporate blue and green into your outfit. You don’t exactly need a Seahawks’ logo on your clothes to show you’re a Seahawks fan. Simply wear navy sweatpants and a green T-shirt with some silver jewelry. Crazy socks, unique accessories and gear that fit the Seahawks’ color scheme will always make you stand out.

No matter what the outcome of the game, students can show their support for their Seahawks. Unless of course you support the Broncos, in which case you shouldn’t even bother getting dressed.