Police identify car, suspect in blow dart shootings

From staff reports

The Pullman Police Department confirmed Monday it has identified a suspect in its investigation into two blow dart shootings which occurred last week.

Police successfully tracked a black sedan that was spotted in surveillance images.

No arrests have been made, but Kirk said the incidents are under “active investigation.”

Detective Scott Kirk attributed the department’s success to the widespread use of social media.

“I think an important thing to note is how important social media has been in this case,” Kirk said. “The information that we received from media broadcasts enabled us to find the vehicle and our suspect very quickly.”

Both incidents occurred around 9:30 p.m. last Sunday and resulted in minor injuries.

Sophomore marketing major Ashley Sturza was struck by a blow dart at the corner of Monroe Street and Colorado Street.

Sturza said the dart pierced through two layers of clothing and penetrated about an inch into her abdomen.

The second incident occurred on Bishop Boulevard, where a 20-year-old male was struck between the shoulder blades.