Letter to the editor: “Lace ’em up, son”

Letter to the editor


Just a few comments regarding Adam Loewy’s “Change of scenery” article on Wednesday, Jan. 15.  I support his right to his opinion and the right to spout facts on the lack of success of the Ken Bone coaching era. However, he is way out of line criticizing the performance of a student athlete on the court, specifically Josh Hawkinson. He has done nothing to Adam and does not deserve his comments. 

How do you think this young man and his teammates, friends and family feel to be publicly humiliated by someone who is clearly taking advantage of a captive audience?  If Adam thinks he could do better, then “lace ‘em up son and let your talents be judged by Coach Bone!” 

Adam represents a higher education facility, and that is not what they teach. Just as athletes are expected to do their best, I expect him to perform his best without fear of public humiliation.

Do the right thing and apologize immediately. Don’t wait too long…

Mike Heston