Fight at The ZZU leads to two arrests

Student pepper sprayed after being told by police to stop

CARMEN JARAMILLO, Evergreen reporter

Pullman police officers pepper-sprayed and tased a WSU student to break up a fight outside The ZZU early Sunday morning, said Chris Tennant, Pullman Police Department operations commander.

The fight reportedly started inside The ZZU on the dance floor over a woman, Tennant said, and was carried out into the parking lot.

Pullman Police responded to a report of the fight outside The ZZU around 1 a.m. When they arrived, they saw a group of about a dozen bystanders and two men on the ground. One man was on top of the other while punching him.

The man on top, 21-year-old David Bingham, was first told to stop fighting, Tennant said. When Bingham did not follow directions he was pepper-sprayed and then tased. The other man sustained minor injuries and was not transported to Pullman Regional Hospital, Tennant said.

Bingham was arrested for alleged fourth degree assault and obstructing an officer.

Another WSU student was also arrested for alleged obstructing an officer.

22-year-old Damani Thomas was filming the incident on his cellphone, Tennant said, but became physically obstructive to officers and was warned several times not to interfere before he was ultimately placed under arrest.

Both men arrested were later released with criminal citations.