Pullman date ideas make unique memories

Enjoy nights out at local restaurants, outdoor locations

EMMA LEDBETTER, Evergreen mint editor

If you’re on the dating scene in Pullman, it can be easy to run out of fresh date ideas.

Forget “Netflix and Chill” and embrace these fun, uniquely Palouse suggestions for the time of your life with your sweetheart.

1. The Water Tower

Pack a picnic or grab a box of Insomnia Cookies and head over to the water tower. Located right next to Palouse Ridge Golf Course, this is a convenient walk from campus or drive from anywhere in Pullman. Cuddle up next to your date for some romantic moments watching the sunset.

This date is best enjoyed during months with warm weather.

2. Downtown Pullman

Pullman may seem like a sleepy little town, but there are tons of hidden treasures easily accessible to students. Stroll down Main Street and visit Brused Books, Pups and Cups, the Daily Grind and Palouse Country Candy among other local businesses.

Make your date more about the adventure of discovering a new location than having a fancy destination planned.

This date is best enjoyed on weekdays because most shops have short weekend hours.

3. Take a Hike

Kamiak Butte, Steptoe Butte and East Moscow Mountain are all relatively easy hikes located less than an hour’s drive from campus. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be a hiker, these trails are fun for couples of all skill levels.

Caution for winter hikers: wear shoes with good traction to avoid slipping on ice.

4. Kenworthy or RTOP

These local theaters both show a variety of films, operas and live performances throughout the week. Get dressed up or stay casual with your date and see something unique.

Events at the Kenworthy and Regional Theatre of the Palouse are easily paired with dinner for a complete and entertaining night out.

5. Brunch

Enjoy brunch with your sweetheart at the Old European or Zoe Coffee and Kitchen. This can be a fun change if you’re used to dates in the evening. Bonus points if you and your date split your food or take Instagram-worthy pictures with your coffee.

6. Porch Light Pizza

This is a classic date location for WSU students. After eating your pizza, consider stopping for ice cream or taking a stroll downtown.

7. Stargazing

Drive up to Walmart or past Colfax for some of the best star views you will ever see. The lack of ambient light makes constellations particularly striking, just like your date will be in the natural light. Be sure to pack a blanket and snacks to share.

This date is best enjoyed during warm months or inside a car if you choose to venture out in winter.