Reader reactions: Hospital opens debate on gender surgery

Readers react to an article about the Pullman Regional Hospital taking public comment on whether to offer gender reassignment surgery. Dr. Rodney Story is against offering the procedure because he believes it is harmful. Surgeon Geoff Stiller is training to perform the surgeries. The Board of Commissioners will make the final decision and will review comments sent to [email protected]

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Michael Harris: “This comes at a time when Pullman decides to be a welcoming city while a physician at Pullman Regional Hospital chooses a less welcoming approach. If you are in a business that can be described as a place of public accommodation, such as a hospital, and you employ a physician who is refusing care based on someone’s sexual preference, then you are not part of a welcoming environment.”

Bailey Nielsen: “Dr. Story — It’s not your call! If you don’t want to do these types of procedures then don’t, but at the same time, don’t hinder the hospital or patients seeking them.”

Anne Brown: “This is a serious surgery that requires a great deal of community support in order to meet requirements for being ethical. It is absolutely appropriate for the hospital to think about whether this community is willing/able to offer those supports.”

Tom Myers: “Gender reassignment surgery; the extreme of genital mutilation. I tend to agree with this doctor and add that such elective procedures really belong within specialty clinics not using the precious critical resources of a public regional hospital and Level IV State Designated Trauma Center.”