Letter from the Mint editor: Avoid inevitable snowy death this winter

Practice walking on ice to avoid falling; YakTrax, parkas are necessities for Pullman weather



West-siders may think they’re capable of dealing with Pullman winters, but this has been proven false. Take necessary precautions and stay safe on campus this winter by staying indoors and off the streets. You’ll thank me later.

EMMA LEDBETTER, Evergreen mint editor

It’s my first winter in Pullman, and I can’t exactly say it’s going well. I was born and raised on the west side, so I’m a fan of moderate climates with minimal snow and ice. I heard Pullman was not conducive to my weather preferences, but for a lot of January, I was starting to believe this wasn’t true.

Then, February hit. We were immediately confronted by a massive blasting of snow — what west-siders were calling “Snowmageddon.”

I’d like to say I faced this snow experience head-on, but honestly, I’ve been wanting to hibernate in my dorm room for the rest of winter.

Unfortunately for me, I have not done that.

I am not built for these cruel Pullman winters, but thankfully, I know I’m not the only one. Anytime I leave home, I make sure to zip my parka to my chin, put my hood up and strap on my Yaktrax. If it’s precipitating, I make sure to wear contacts instead of glasses so the moisture doesn’t prevent me from seeing when I go inside.

Thanks to these adjustments, I foolishly believed I was adapting to the harsh winter weather.

Valentine’s Day came around and I was walking home from Flix. I slipped a few times and finally fell, but laughed it off because I was with a friend who helped me stand up when I was rolling around like a turtle stuck on its back.

The second time I fell, I was not so lucky. I was walking home alone from the dining hall, not wearing my Yaktrax … rookie mistake. I took a tumble on the ice that left a nice bruise on my rear end.

My short life flashed before my eyes. Was this going to be how Emma Ledbetter died? I broke my foot by walking in my kitchen, so falling in the snow would not exactly be a surprising cause of death.

Fortunately, I did not die. Or maybe I’m writing this from the grave.

If you’re reading this and feeling the urge to scream “YOLO” and go sliding around on an icy sidewalk: a) that’s not what I’m saying, and b) it’s not 2012.

Please be careful, especially if you’re not used to this type of weather. Give yourself plenty of time to get to class and consider walking with friends in case you fall and need a helping hand up. The danger is real and we want all you Cougs to be safe this winter.

Better yet — go home, crawl into bed and sleep until spring. I’ll see you when I can walk again without fearing for my life.

Feel free to email me at mint@dailyevergreen.com with tips for walking in the snow and your own sketchy stories. Stay safe out there.