Reader reactions: Hospital cancels gender forum

Readers react to an article about the Pullman Regional Hospital’s cancelled June 29 board meeting to discuss the hospital offering gender reassignment surgery. The hospital has received over 200 comments and did not think the meeting is necessary based on the amount of comments. The hospital will accept comments through July 3 by mail or email to

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Bonnie Shoemaker: “Never should have put it out to start with — if they are unable to offer it, then they need better doctors … get rid of the bigots, and they will attract those better doctors.”

Nick Moore: “Certainly not. But this idea that we can’t even have an open forum discussion on topics such as this is at the heart of why this country hates each other so much.”

Steven Simmons: “Deciding to do a hospital expansion and a whole new trauma center is completely different from one doctor, who is already receiving training, offering a new surgery within his field. He’s already done multiple surgeries and would have continued to do so without incident if it wasn’t for transphobic people flipping out.”