Reader reactions: Pullman police drone program protects citizens

Readers react to a column about the future Pullman Police Department’s drone program. Drones will be used for specific cases, such as high-risk crime scenes or natural disasters. The drones will not be used for general surveillance, and the footage will be available to the public, unless parts of the footage violate an expectation of privacy.

Read the full column here.

Preston Nolan: “Finally, Pullman PD has the technology to keep up with the lawless criminals using black plastic to block their view of backyard parties. It’s important to support them with everything they need to keep handing out those MIP’s.”

Chris Rader: “Nothing makes my hair stand on end more than a government agency saying something is “for the public’s good or safety.” Usually it isn’t long before the abuses of power start.”

City of Pullman Police Department: “The PPD drone program will be mission-driven. UAS equipment will not be used for general surveillance. For more information about the program and its intended uses, please visit:…/current-topics-for…/drones.”

Emerson Michael A Jr: “I am against it for far saner reasons than conspiracies. Also, if you are not FROM Pullman, neither we, they, us or any combination of these gives a damn what you think.”

Kyle Tesky: “I could see this being a great tool for a Sheriff’s Office for conducting search and rescue operations.”