Reader reactions: Pullman City Council approves welcoming city resolution

Readers react to an article about the city council voting 6-1 in favor of becoming a welcoming city. The police department will only enforce immigration warrants signed by a judge and will not question people without reasonable suspicion. Councilman Al Sorenson opposed the resolution, but Councilman Nathan Weller spoke in favor. Pullman will be a welcoming city, not a sanctuary city.

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Angel Aurora Satarose: “Way to go Pullman! Thank you for reaffirming your commitment to be welcoming to immigrants and making it official. I’ve never been more proud to live here.”

Nathan Weller: “It puts it into writing, this doesn’t mean it wasn’t welcoming before, but it means that the people who are worried know that the city is supportive. … It is supporting our international community.”

Tom Myers: “As an advocate for both International Studies in the US and US Student Foreign Studies I am hopeful that this “welcoming city” resolution addresses Pullman being a welcoming city (and campus) for non-immigrants.”