From beekeeper to photographer


RACHEL SUN | The Daily Evergreen

Artist Nick Beymore in his house and exhibit during the 2017 Moscow Artwalk.

RACHEL SUN, Evergreen reporter

Name, age: Nick Beymer, 34

Started photography: 10 years ago

Occupation: Odd jobs

What got you started?

“I used to be a rock climber. We would kind of just shoot each other goofing off climbing. What really got me started was working as a commercial beekeeper and needing an outlet because I’d work six, seven hour days. So I’d bring my camera and just document my life. And that turned into a large project because I was a beekeeper for like three years, and then that turned into other things to shoot, not just bees. This is kind of a reflection of those interests elevating the everyday to something a little bit more.”

What is your inspiration for photos?

“I used to do construction and so I wanted to showcase what it’s like and what the people are like that do the work that goes unnoticed.”

Do you have any funny stories to tell from shooting?

“Most of these photos I was wearing American flag spandex tights.”