Reader reactions: Universities in US sacrifice education for aesthetics

Readers react to a column about American universities spending more money on aesthetics than on education. French universities offer higher education for very little money. Universities in the U.S. give students access to student spaces and extracurricular, while France usually does not have funds for research like universities in the U.S.

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Jon Wallis:  “I feel this overlooks a more important issue, which is political correctness on college campuses. A more practical way to ‘improve education’ is to foster debate and freethinking, rather than inhibit these things. The money allocated towards aesthetics is minuscule compared to this, I must say.”

Amelia Jordan:  “Political correctness is simply treating others with respect. You can dissent and foster a healthy learning environment without denigrating, dismissing and disrespecting others. It’s what we should be learning in a college environment.”

Katrina Clement Keppler:  “I have long wished WSU would have better training and standards for both advisers and individuals that provide direct education services to students. Some are excellent, yet we still see the full spectrum of competence, leaving students to pay for academic roulette.”