Reader reactions: A closer look at the future Indoor Practice Facility

Readers react to an article about the WSU athletic department’s plans to replace the current Indoor Practice Facility (IPF) with a new one. The current IFP, the bubble, was meant to be temporary. The new IFP will be funded by donations.

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Maarika K Vercamer: “Too bad they can’t use those donations and fundraiser funds to build something we don’t already have, like a performing arts center.”

Jennifer Weir: “I am so sick of the athletics department getting funding to look pretty. Let[‘s] start putting some money into updating the facilities and equipment that everyone else uses and needs.”

Jennifer Gottschalk: “The money that will eventually help build the IPF will not take away from academics, people. It will be money that alumni and others — whoever wants to — will be choosing to donate to the athletic department or to the IPF renovation, and that’s their prerogative.”