Water tower sunsets allow for introspection

Those looking for excellent natural views should consider elevation, direction; tower offers both



A sunset takes over the sky above Pullman on Wednesday evening at the WSU Water Tower. Residents say viewers can see in every direction.

CARMEN JARAMILLO, Evergreen reporter

Sunsets on the Palouse are considered by many residents to be some of the best in the world. Not every sunset is magnificent, but all Pullman residents have at one time seen a purple, pink or deep red and orange sunset that made them stop for a moment and look.

When considering where to watch the sunset in Pullman, a couple of factors must come into consideration. In order to see the full horizon over the rooftops, one must first consider an adequate elevation.

The second factor is direction. Where the sun sets varies throughout the year, but it will always set either southwest, due west or northwest. A good sunset-watching spot must have a full view of these directions.

The WSU water tower, voted by students as the best place to watch the sunset for 2019, is off North Fairway Road behind the Marriott. It has all of these features and more. As one of the highest points in Pullman, you can see virtually everything in every direction.

Yazzmin Chavez, a junior marketing and digital technology and culture double major, said she likes to watch the sunset at the water tower because of the view over Pullman and its distance from campus.

Chavez said she started going out to watch the sunset regularly over the summer and is happy the weather is clearing up so she can watch them again.

“They are very stress-relieving to watch,” she said. “I got into this mindset like, ‘never miss the sunset.’ ”

Kenji Adachi, a first-year electrical engineering major, said he likes Pullman sunsets because of the way the light reflects off the rolling wheat hills. He said there is something about the vibrant color that lights up the grass and makes you feel alive.

Emily Walsh, a recent alumna, said she likes to watch the sunset at the water tower because you can see a little bit of everything and it’s close to other short outdoor hikes like Magpie Forest.

She said she enjoys sunsets because they can be a chance for introspection.

“It’s a time you can take out of your day to be in the now. Reflect on your day and think about tomorrow,” Walsh said. “It’s almost a symbol of the transformation you get to take every day.”