City Council considers problems with parking, traffic


Mayor Glenn Johnson, center, with City Supervisor Adam Lincoln, left, and council member Fritz Hughes at the council meeting on Tuesday.

From staff reports

The Pullman City Council laid out its new goals for the year, mostly related to issues with parking and traffic, at its meeting Tuesday night.

The council addressed confusion among community members about where they can and cannot park, particularly regarding parking in front of yellow-painted curbs. People can park beside some of these curbs, adding to the uncertainty, and some are not visible in the winter months due to snow.

The city will assess this parking issue to determine ways to lessen confusion, including possibly adding no-parking signs to some areas.

Due to the congestion on College Hill, the Public Works Committee will consider adding one-way streets in the area for citizens and emergency vehicles.

The committee is also looking into several items to improve around Pullman, including the possibility of adding a left turn lane to a traffic light at the intersection of Bishop Boulevard and Main Street.

The council also approved a resolution for pre-authorization of grant money for the Moscow-Pullman airport to expand upon runway 6-24. This grant money will support multiple projects the airport is conducting for the expansion.

The council set dates for public hearings to consider the possible increase of the Pullman transit fee and to discuss allowing Pullman Transit to provide school bus service within city limits. Both propositions would begin in the 2017-2018 school year.

Reporting by Haley Donwerth