Helping customers to see how beautiful they truly are

James Cofer is the principal hair stylist in Pullman for haircuts and hair coloring.

Cofer is from Lewiston, Idaho, and learned his craft in Lewiston. June will mark his 13th year in the business.

“Learning hair takes countless hours behind the chair to perfect your craft,” he said in an email. “You can never say you have arrived because there is always a new wonder to explore.”

He finds it rewarding to work as a color educator for the U.S. distributor of Barex Italiana.

“I get to talk to and train hairdressers,” he said. “It’s a lot of fun to work with people passionate about their craft.”

Whether he is teaching others how to become better at the craft, or he is working on hair himself, he finds every day of work new and exciting.

“It’s the only job that can never get boring,” he said. ”You never do the same thing twice.”

His initial love for his career began from his passion to work with others and his drive to create art, he said. He found that the craft of hair styling not only filled his own passions, but it filled the needs of those lacking confidence in themselves.

“It’s very rewarding when you can make people realize how beautiful they truly are, and help them past any insecurities they have,” he said.

Cofer chose Pullman because of the warm and diverse community that welcomes all people, he said.

“I am proud to call a place home that looks to treat all people with kindness and respect,” he said, “coming together and celebrating cultural differences instead of walling off our hearts.”