Sports clinic teaches athletic skills to moms

Popular stations include tackling, touchdown dances, kicking field goals

CARSON HOLLAND, Evergreen columnist

The WSU football team is putting on a women’s football clinic from 4:30–8:30 p.m. today for moms and Cougs alike. Pre-registration for the event is required to attend.

The clinic provides an opportunity to talk and learn about football, meet current players and coaching staff and have a taste of what the players experience.

“It is aimed at giving a chance to mingle with coaches and staff and some of our current players,” said Brittany Thackery, manager of player personnel for the team. “Each coach will have a drill station, and so once we get to the field, it will be fun drills to show the moms basic skills.”

The event this year is one of their biggest years yet, and more moms showed interest than ever before, Thackery said.

A few of the most popular stations are the touchdown dance station, the field goal station and the tackling station.

“We give them a little bit of a chalk talk, offense, defense and special teams, showing them some plays,” said Inside Receiver Coach Dave Nichol. “It is kind of a question and answer session. They get to have the feeling of running out of the tunnel.”

Players from the WSU football team will be making appearances, some with moms coming up for the weekend to join them. They will help with the various stations, teaching anyone who wants to learn the basics of the skills they use.

“We have a good chunk of our roster coming,” Thackery said. “The guys, even if they don’t have a mom coming up for the weekend, still love to be out there.”

The players will be available to answer questions from participants.

“The players are always really fired up about all the questions. Some of them are about to get drafted,” Nichol said. “It is really fun to appreciate their support. They are all just inquisitive, and we do the best to answer their questions.”

The event begins at 4:30 p.m. today in the club level of the press box in Martin Stadium.

“It is just about having fun. I know that some moms sign up but don’t want to do the on-field drills, which is fine,” Thackery said. “It is just mainly to get connected, learn more about football, meet some of the players, just a laid-back relaxed way to enjoy football.