Reader Reactions: Student fees pay for university loans

Readers react to an article concerning a new $98 student fee to pay off the loans WSU took out to complete the new Chinook building. Chinook was built from three separate buildings, so there were many challenges in the construction, resulting in loans being taken out to cover the costs.

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Kyle Strachila: “Just a reminder, the fee was voted on by students in ASWSU elections two years ago to make an old, unused, ugly part of campus have a purpose again. Had the referendum been voted down, there’d be no fee and no Chinook. The university isn’t directly charging us a fee for something they wanted to do; it’s something students decided was a good idea.”

Rick Scott: “My goodness. All the crying. The CUB was closed for almost two years while I was on campus. Didn’t get to enjoy it until my final semester. Martin had only been renovated through Phase I, but we still had the fees. Some of us don’t get to enjoy all the perks for four years. It is what it is. There’s always going to be some new construction that the next class gets to enjoy more than the previous class did.”

Taylor Zillyett: “I refuse to use this building! I think it’s utterly insane that we have to pay a fee for a building that is incomplete and voted on by students who would never use or pay for it.”

Jared Chastain: “The university announced plans to rectify the use of this fee to pay the loans by instituting a new student fee to cover the use of fees to pay loans. The fee, which will be mandatory for all full-time undergraduates, will be $110 per semester.”

Becca Long: “Regardless of the students approval; I still think it’s ridiculous.”

Conner Coleman: “That feel when we are told a new gym will be installed and all we get is a crepe bar and prayer rooms.”