Reader Reactions: ‘No human is illegal’

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Readers react to an article concerning the passing of Resolution 46-19, which supports undocumented students on campus. Students spoke at the meeting in support of and in opposition to the resolution. The opposition is concerned about the loss of federal funding, while those in support stated people came here for a better future. 

Read the full article here.

Kyle Oliver: “Becoming a sanctuary campus means that state and federal funding will be used to aid undocumented/illegal immigrants. This has everything to do with citizenship.”

James Ellis: “Citizens have plenty of rights that immigrants don’t, and lots of the rights that we think are reserved for citizens actually apply to all residents in this country. Let’s not conflate citizenship with legal immigrant status.”

Bryan Fry: “I’m so proud of the overwhelming support for these students. There were two rooms packed with supporters and more in the lobby area, and the Senate voted 14-2!”

Anita L. Allison: “Bovine Feces! More attempts to define and redefine ‘what is is!’ (Sound familiar?) illegal means not legal. Human beings are either in this country legally or they are not. Reword it any way you want, but that’s all just linguistic semantics. We would be better off working on how we are going to resolve this mess we are in rather than wasting time redefining word meanings. Meadow Muffins!”

Josh Dowell: “Why even have borders? Let everyone in! Who cares about their motives, history, love for this country, etc. Defending national sovereignty is apparently racist and hateful now. It’s mind numbing reading this crap. Undocumented cause your documents were lost? Just get them replaced. Oh, undocumented cause you came here in violation of federal law? That makes you an alien, who is here illegally. Maybe that’s where the phrase illegal alien came from. But I guess that’s been banned in Newspeak.”

Conner Coleman: “I wonder if all those in support realize WSU being a ‘sanctuary campus’ and has no legal bearing.”