Get all your springtime gift shopping done in one spot


Neill's Flowers sells season-specific products alongside their flower business.

JENNIFER LADWIG, Evergreen mint editor

No matter what the occasion, Neill’s Flowers is one of my favorite spots for gift shopping, or just wanting to treat yourself.

Neill’s Flowers was started in 1910 by the Neill family, one of the founding families of Pullman. It started off with a different name and did not sell flowers, but through the years, it has evolved into the store we see today, owner Mitch Chandler said.

Part of what I love about the shop is that it is connected to The Daily Grind, giving you the perfect excuse to grab some coffee and do some shopping.

The flower shop also sells a variety of gift options, and they seem to have rearranged the store every time I visit. They focus on themed products, so right now a section of the store is dedicated to Easter.

However, there are some sections that remain the same, including a wall dedicated to WSU gear, and a display of art by Cori Dantini, a local artist.

Mitch said he picks his products based in part on what is trending at the time. Chris Chandler, Mitch’s son and an employee at the shop, said they travel to gift markets around the area to purchase the items they want to sell.

There is currently an adorable spring display of dandelion-themed pottery that is the perfect purchase to make someone’s day. There are mugs, clocks, butterfly-shaped desk ornaments and candles, all with quotes about making wishes and dreams come true. So cute, I want them all.

Now, as for the flower part of the flower shop, Mitch said they provide full-service flowers, including arrangements for weddings, graduations, birthdays and funerals – basically anything you think you want flowers for, they can take care of you.

The flower shop grew their own flowers for a time, but Mitch thinks they stopped this practice around the time their greenhouse went out of commission. The shop now gets their flowers from all over the world, Chris said. Some come from as close as Spokane, while others come from as far away as Colombia.

Neill’s Flower Shop serves mostly Pullman, but they do get some business from the surrounding towns.

So, the next time you’re wandering through downtown, pay Neill’s Flower Shop a visit. Even if you don’t have a need for flowers, you can still treat yourself with a gift, or prepare for Mother’s Day early.

Jennifer Ladwig is a senior communication major from Washougal. She can be contacted at [email protected]