A night out on the town: Etsi Bravo


Cory Preston, co-owner of Etsi Bravo, makes a drink for a customer on Tuesday.

KELSEY JONES, Mint columnist

Exposed brick walls, color-changing strobe lights, an open dance floor, good DJs and even better drinks. That sentence could describe many places, but in Pullman, choices for nightlife establishments that offer those things are confined to one downtown location: Etsi Bravo.

I have to admit that I have only been to Etsi Bravo twice in my three years of college – both visits within the past two months. But since the first trip, I have been enamored with the atmosphere. Whenever I feel like putting on a darker shade of lipstick, dusting off my heels and donning a dress, I go to Etsi.

The interior can only be described as classy, in such a way that you feel at home there in jeans and a nice t-shirt or a dress and heels. It has just enough ambiance and charm to make it an ideal date location for a drink, dancing or both.

For me, I judge all establishments I go to by the quality of the dancefloor and music, the drink selection and the general feel. Some nights, I want to feel like a grad student or almost-adult. Since it has a dance floor, and does not require frat shoes or dealing with hundreds of other sweaty people in a small space, it is perfect for a night filled with dancing and drinks served in actual glasses.

The first time I went, I was attending the 21st birthday party of a friend’s friend. We sat in one of the VIP sections on black leather couches and had a waitress who checked in on our table. The service was fabulous, and because the area was located nearly on the dancefloor, it was effortless to go back and forth when there was a lull in songs that I liked enough to pull my friend onto the dancefloor.

But not to worry, if dancing is not your thing, the area nearest the entrance of Etsi is outfitted with a sleek and eclectic furniture collection and a second bar that you can actually sit at. Further away from the dance floor, this area is a little quieter.

During both visits, I went immediately to the dance floor after hanging my coat up and getting my go-to Black Opal (which, by the way, was the best one I’ve had in Pullman).

After a quick walk downtown, I can find myself in a place that feels like it belongs in a city – and I mean that as the biggest of compliments.

Kelsey Jones is a senior communication major from Monroe. She can be contacted at [email protected]