Starbucks to open in Pullman

Developing street will house coffee shop, car wash next to Walmart



Construction is underway to build a new Starbucks coffee shop, seen in the background, across Bishop Boulevard from the Safeway grocery store.

JAKOB THORINGTON, Evergreen reporter

A new Starbucks will open in Pullman this August on Brelsford Drive, a street currently under development, across from Safeway.

Director of Operations Kerri Staniszewski said the company hopes to have the project done before the beginning of the WSU fall semester.

Pullman Planning Director Pete Dickinson said Corporate Pointe Developers spent $605,000 to get the necessary permits to start the project and got city permission for the project on April 19.

The building, approximately 2,200-square-foot, will be just larger than the Starbucks on Stadium Way, according to a Pullman planning department newsletter.

The new Starbucks will run a drive-thru and a parking lot with 15 spots.

Dickinson said the project is on an ambitious schedule and is moving quickly.

“This is not usually the case with projects like this but having the same contractor for the exterior and interior of the building helped speed them up,” he said.

The planned location is part of the city’s plan to expand Bishop Boulevard. A new RPM Express Car Wash is also in development on Brelsford Drive.

Dickinson said two other sites are in planning stages, but no specific structures have been confirmed.

The Starbucks located at Stadium Way will remain under operation.