Reports of indecent exposure launch investigation

Pullman police detective Engle says consistent behavior may point to single perpetrator in several cases



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JAYCE CARRAL, Evergreen reporter

The Pullman Police Department opened an investigation into several incidents of indecent exposure dating back to fall 2018.

Chris Engle, a PPD detective, said the department began the investigation in June.

“It’s open and obscene exposure,” he said, “and knowing that the exposure is likely to cause alarm.”

He said it is possible not all 12 cases are connected, but the behavior of the perpetrator in those cases is consistent enough for there to be one person.

Engle said no one has been arrested, but investigating officers are looking into persons of interest.

“Initially we were focusing on the College Hill area,” he said. “Our investigation has broadened to other areas.”

Engle said the department does not believe Pullman residents are in any physical danger, which is why a public statement regarding the investigation has not been released.

He said residents should call 911 if they witness any incidents of indecent exposure.